hey y'all i came up with this cool new uuid check it 41c608ca-c534-47b8-94d0-38b97ce12414

I integrated badge printing with my Telegram RSVP bot! It's been quite the hit sofar ^^

I got a beautiful new icon from @kojifox@twitter.com! Really love how it turned out ^^

lewd shitpost 

TIL There’s a Terminals Wiki
And I’m gonna be stuck here for a few days, absorbing all the photos

Particularly this IBM 3278




🎶Nose that sticks out🎶

🎶This is a thing that I post about🎶

I almost had my first therapy appointment this morning! But my therapist is sick so it got rescheduled, heh

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.