before 2038 ends, anyone wanna admit they're still using a signed 32 bit int to store system time? 😳

Sometimes in programming we expect one result but get another.

We call this boolshit.

Current state:
` Fatal IO error 0 (Success) on X server :0.` has finally been [properly] replaced with

It's a site, based on Laravel, providing CC0 and public domain SVG files, including the 55,000+ we scraped from

#openclipart #svg #inkscape

Reply with your password to confirm that you have read the phishing scam awareness training documentation

🎡 every build you break,
every test you fake,
every risk you take,
every fix you make,
Travis' watchin' you.

every single break,
every diff you make... 🎡

Ethics, Tech, MH(~) 

Ethics, Tech, MH(~) 

Ethics, Tech, MH(~) 

I almost FELL OFF MY CHAIR when I learned you can pin multiple things on mastodon

programming allows you to turn your terrible ideas into terrible programs

Unsecured : LGBT
Secured : LGBTS (LGBT over HTTPS)

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.