TCP: yes I'd like a glass of water
[waitstaff brings a drink] "here you are"

UDP: I'd also like a gla-

Something I really like about the Matrix Telegram bridge is there's granular read receipts for group chats. Now if I can only get stickers integrations more fluid, this could very well be my daily driver.

"holy balls. this is incredible

the [libssh] vulnerability literally works like this:

me: "can i log in?"

server: "no. you need a password."

me: "hacker voice i'm in"

server: "login successful. you're in""

Abandoning Telegram. I'm glad that there's some semblance of respect for data, privacy, and open specification, but a lack of server code, the centralized nature, lack of MProto support in TDesktop, and "we rolled our own crypto" have always bothered me.

I'll be trying out as an alternative, if anyone wants to join me on that adventure:

we've gone from misplaced paranoia about phone wiretaps to understanding the facts our lightbulbs are doxing us

the KDE naming scheme has gone too fucking far this time

Stressing about playatel. Lost a lot of my help and I'm afraid it's just going to be another case of throwing equipment in the van and hoping anything sticks (meaning I'll be doing tonnes of work onsite aaaaah)

bunny86 it's just like x86 except all jmp instructions are renamed hop

This datasheet for obsolete RAM is unexpectedly optimistic!

Facebook: We're gonna work to make sure that your data can't get leaked out again like theCambridge Analytica fiasco again.

Also Facebook: Fuck.

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This 400-level class is insulting my intelligence

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post 1998 technology denial.