a "sextant" is a traditional piece of navigation equipment which helps you find where you are in relation to horny people

These two ex-Google product managers want to replace Fondue restaurants with space fountains

I'm searching for a 4k-capable linux box to use as a media frontend, any suggestions for hardware?

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Huh, It's 2019 and Tor client still operates in a single thread 🤷

computers men: i want to make a computer do a thing that humans do

me: maybe you should ask the humans who do that thing how they do it

computers men: preposterous. absurd

The virgin complainer: bullies free software devs because they don't do exactly what he wants
The chad doer: forks the code and changes the two lines that block gab

@switchingsocial I'm not sure if you've posted this before but I found this set of tools for switching off Medium to your own blog: github.com/mathieudutour/mediu

any changes to the meemu theemu(s) or customizations to the code itself will be up on github: github.com/meemudotorg/theemu

the code is free to snag, under the same license as mastodon itself.

Police and tech companies are partnering up to turn surveillance cameras into AI-powered systems for tracking everyone all the time. @WSJ takes a firsthand look at the tech and talks to @maassive about the threat they pose. wsj.com/video/police-unlock-ai

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San Francisco café patrons find their faces used in a dataset used to train surveillance facial recognition megapixels.cc/datasets/brainwa

there are two wolves inside you

while the odds of a *concurrent* double-wolf failure are lower than the odds of a single-wolf failure, the odds of *one* wolf failing are *doubled* compared to people with only one wolf inside them, so keep that in mind when you're writing monitoring rules

I just released v0.2.1 of docker-backup, a tool to create & restore complete, self-contained backups of Docker containers!

Check it out:

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.