Chinese tech workers have taken to GitHub to share poor working conditions and demand better ones. The world's largest open-source programming platform is the best alternative for people to gather without Twitter or Facebook.

"Remember: If it's not ISO 8601, it's not a date, it's just hanging out"

Microsoft is shutting down its ebook store, and deleting all its customers' libraries:

The only reason they can do this is DRM, which means you never really own anything you've paid for.

Physical books are the most obvious alternative, but there are also DRM-free ebook shops. @libreture has a good selection here:

You can find more book-related alternatives here:

(via @yogthos )

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Wireless broadband will never be a substitute for wireline broadband, which is why fiber gigabit access is essential to ensure cable broadband has competition. But we have no plan in the U.S. on how to make that happen.

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tired: legalize awoo
wired: unionize awoo
inspired: awoo or riot

China is expected to have 5 times the number of fiber gigabit connections as the United States by 2023 because we have no high-speed broadband competition plan.

Hear ye, hear ye, fediverse! :blob_rave:

With @milia we worked for a few days on a small web project and we are happy to share it with you today!

It's called Souvenir ~

The principle is simple: you can capture a few seconds of your camera and it generates a gif.
It's a mix between Polaroid and the magic photos from Harry Potter!

❖ Now let’s make souvenirs (and share them if you want 👀)

I don't understand how there isn't a supercut on youtube of @quark saying "females" I've wanted to link to it maybe a dozen times over the past 4 years.

Myspace loses user uploaded music from between 2003 and 2015 due to lack of backups (HT @gcluley)

Considering at one point Myspace was *the* most popular place for bands to put music, that's a lot of culture lost

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Post-1998 technology denial.