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in today's news: not to be outdone by feral hogs, wild turkeys raise the stakes

nsfw shitpost 

I feel like my entire existence can be summed up in a conversation i had in high school.

Friend: But how are you gay and dating [my ex]?
Me: Because they're trans and a guy?

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Is there a mechanic in Ironclaw for Taurs? Asking out of sheet curiosity.

what's your fursona's product description in an ebay listing

Hey Massachusetts/New England furs!

I went and made a left/progressive-friendly groupchat on telegram, since the rest of the regional chats forbade pointing out shitty opinions/beliefs as shitty!
Feel free to join, and invite your MA/NE furfriends!

Can anyone pls reply here with names of queer/PoC/kink friendly/sex-positive instances on Mastodon? Specifically with good lewd warnings and femme friendly :Casper_Bi: :QueerCat_Bi: :blob_bi_kiss:

School taught me that there are exclusively four Romance languages. There's actually 23-35 or so, depending on how you count.

School taught me there's exclusively five senses, but Wikipedia lists 13 or so.

Why should I be surprised when "there are exclusively two genders" turns out to be false as well?

trans shitpost 

First day of work and I already outed myself as a furry, AMA

US Pol, AirBnB regulations (+) 

Christmas icon idea I’m unsure if it qualifies as culturally insensitive: Morgan with the St Lucy wreath on her head, instead of her normal flower crown

:lucario: :rlucario:

pet the blue dog.... and they will make a cute little "ruff" noise and maybe squirm around a bit......

pet the red dog..... and they will probably do the same thing pretty much........ really u should probably just pet both

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.