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Ko-fi post 

Twitch link, asking for money 

Stream, Self-Promo, Going Live In 1.5 Hours 

me when i sent memes instead of original shitposts

The moral of Jurassic Park isn't "do not tamper in the domain of God" but "Don't fucking underbid your I.T. backend, bury your coder in Feature Creep, and threaten to blackball them for pushing back against your bullshit contract entrapment"

Everyone: Cats has no plot and feels incredibly horny. 😮

Me: I take it you've not seen the musical, then? 👀

(I don't intent to actually post nudes from this account. But I am considering posting one i took the other day)

Apparently it's nude posting time on the Furry Fediverse?

Sword/Shield, font 

AMAZING NEW ART I GOT, chrimus, good gender feels, eye contact 


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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.