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Today’s ironclaw lesson should be not to argue with a church bureaucrat and it’s not always the worst character to play

actually, I am now uninterested in any show that isn't about immortal lesbians

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They are allowed this, allowed this time to understand who they are and what words describe them, because language is both restrictive & vague. Some of us will find that we are feeling attraction we never did before, or no longer feeling what we once did, due to life events both major & minor. Some will realize what we felt was never attraction, or always actually was.

None of it ever means it is okay to ask someone, "are you sure you're not...."

the words we use to describe ourselves—our sexuality, our gender—can change over time. Sometimes rapidly, sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly. This does not mean any of them are not valid; existence is complicated, and understanding yourself is hard.
a person may come out as bisexual this year. Five years from now they say they are gay, three years after they start wearing pan flags.


Brad: Yeah you find it's a kuo-tourda
Chris: *sniff* a what now?
Brad: You know oneathose wourder guys.
Claire: Brad... I can't right now.
Brad: ITS LIKE A FISH PERSON they're real Claire they're a /THING/
Andy: Are you confusing D&D with the Jersey Devil again, Brad?
Brad: DO INITIATIVE *whips ghoolie off of head*

What if the BA Test Kitchen staff played in a D&D campaign with Brad as the DM?

@Lyude bring this up with your employers. In my case, it's pretty obvious that my employer has business interests that will be negatively affected by this. As shitty as capitalism is, your employer probably does to. Convince them to stand up against this.

Hey, so this?
This is a serious problem. ICANN has proven themselves to be incapable of regulating domains at large, and should be replaced or taken over by someone who can. I can't even name how many projects I work on this negatively effects.

hypno/not explicitly horny but maybe kinda horny 

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@Sapphicgiraffic Actually what I'm running is GNU+Enby, which is an important distinction because

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.