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I don't know what to toot about so I'll just post real cute art I got recently

This one is from Cloverhare on idk a bunch of websites probably

I want to see more non-binary defense coming from cis friends. Please speak the fuck out, please defend us, please speak up when being made fun of in the media is the norm. I’m tired of being othered and afraid to show my identity. I want us to share a word. Cis man, cis woman, if you are a true ally, please speak up

“Gender is a fuck” is a good mantra, and I’m gonna use it more.

Tired: Approaching dragons from the standpoint of physics
Wired: Approaching dragons. Like, just go over and say hi, they're friendly

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Friends who have played the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games: is there a specific best game to start on for those?

Very much feeling "They/She" lately, and unsure exactly why, but welcome to still figuring yourself out in 2019.

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telegram stickers for @Duende !!

i'd like to officially open up for these if anyone's interested, 7$ a sticker uwu

Children in public both excited at my purple hair and using gender neutral pronouns are a blessing

Do any of my friends in DC area have a drill press that I could use for an afternoon?

Good morning, i love sinus headaches! Happy indoor allergy seasons

furry art- no NSFW but one involves hypnosis 

TFW you find a drive full of things from high school you and briefly consider breaking it instead of throwing it in a box for another 8 years

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.