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Update: My fiance has now gotten additional pretzles in the mail, and the billing address is nobody we've heard of with a fake phone number

“Ma Bell was much bigger than Amazon was now” not really, but they also took care of their employees.

What if i opened my blog up to other trans friends?

Fun fact that was almost disastrous last week: the Fluorescent lights in the Korean DDR cabinets (1998) use 220VAC.

Sunny Park was the best Pop'n; don't @ me.

I was about to ask if anybody knew which Dub of Ghost Stories was on VRV, but then the line "When this bitch kicks, i'm moving to Vegas" was uttered and i knew it was the correct one

Y’all better have Happy Halloween or a Blessed Samhain today

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Somebody ordered my fiance a bucket of Rold Gold pretzels?

Today's level of avoiding work is: clear out dead telegram chats from past events. I think I managed ~15

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no wait Q that's for the kids YOU'RE GONNA RUIN HALLOWEEN NO Q NOOO

I think it's time to go home and then go right back out to help a friend move a mattress

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I already know we're going to have problems with this external group in the conference rooms because they moved tables without asking, and are bringing in their MSP to "Get us Set Up" and just. hoboy. This is not okay.

‪TFW you almost accidentally order LED lamps at twice the luminosity of the ones you’re looking to replace when you don’t want for this project ‬

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Post-1998 technology denial.