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Can I please just be allowed to like both Circus Peanuts and Candy Corn in peace, behind closed doors?

i realize that the empire probably doesn't have osha but i'm just curious what the statistics are on falling deaths in the star wars galaxy

tldr; SCOTUS refused to take up the case against the 9th Circuit ruling that Websites aren't immune to the ADA.

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nsfw stands for 

As a bisexual person with a black cat fursona, I feel confident when I say


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(This really is the best con computer so long as I don’t need to make new paperwork)

Me: Oh, I can bring my Surface Go to FAU!
5 minutes later
Me: SHIT I need to do cad work.

o i forgot to post this but i'm happy to announce that i got my official synthesizer toucher license last week

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Hey! I need to take up to 3 more $25 icons to try to get out of this artblock. Any takers? ;;

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slime, goo, furry art 

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.