I used to be a boy,
now I'm a girl (or something)

Other people were always A,
then realized they weren't B

Different people thought they were C,
and learned they were D over time

There's more than one way to trans

My morning is apparently letting 10 Hour Crab Rave play on a machine so i can do other work while i monitor it for restarts

@sneakerfox nice. Now to figure out how i do that incase of emergency.

@Saxxon they don’t allow for period hardware instead? O.o

hypno, nsfw 

Twitter Crosspost 

Twitter Crosspost 

Close your left eye and look at the left item, slowly move your face towards the screen. Your blind spot will appear and the right cross will disappear. This won't work on phones sorry

bless and @sky for being such a good webzone

hey internet

how would you even begin to troubleshoot this?

model is a toshiba satellite pro 420CDT

i know the issue is the between the video card and the lcd but no idea how it started. i know the video card is ok because vga out is fine

it's pretty hilarious that in Alice in Wonderland (the book) the supporting cast all represented different kinds of men who are insufferable and annoying

the caterpillar is a pompous old bitch, the mad hatter interrupts Alice and talks over her, etc

so of course when men remake the story on film they think the caterpillar and mad hatter need to be the best ever characters and very wise and cool

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Post-1998 technology denial.