-a very shy fennec leans into the microphone at a public speaking event and lets out a tiny squeak-

-the whole audience roars with applause!- 😃🎤🦊

Eventually I'll be able to site down and do a full SMZ3 run in one sitting. Maybe when Multiworld is public i'll do one with @ottdogbuns

Still thinking it through but Anyone want dibs on an Xbox one for whatever the trade in value is? Wouldn’t mind saving myself the hassle of selling it and don’t care to support GameStop resale profits. Like $100?

@sky check to see if there's a special at gamestop or if there's a local game store, since that's the only reason i got a switch when i did was them offering 2x normal XBone trade in.

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Got some super cute train art done by @LeoWolfbane@twitter.com! :D

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netflix rejected my pitch for a sitcom about a feudal peasant travelling into the future and getting an apartment with a modern-day transphobe. can't believe they didn't like serf and terf :(

Broke: the good knight saving the princess from the evil dragon

Woke: the princess saving the good dragon from the evil knight

Bespoke: the dragon is a princess, who is revered by the entire kingdom, and also she’s really gay and her polycule of other princesses lives in a huge badass castle with her

if you're a trans woman or trans feminine non-binary person there's a long-term study recruiting right now on trans feminine health and it compensates $250 spread out in 6 month intervals of $50. Https://litestudy.org

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.