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I posted a selfie on the nonbinary subreddit and people were commenting that my existence made them feel more valid and honestly? my work here is done I can die now


I need some help.
My spouse and i are trying to figure out a better way to track our finances, while using software i can host on my servers, and that is open source. We have a piece of software but it's double entry accounting. So, are there non-double entry systems that are self hosted, open source, and still allow secure access from external systems? We use a LDAP authentication.
Alternately, any *simplistic* explanations of double entry accounting would be very appreciated. I'm in the process of doing my own research, but any help would be really nice.

Boosts and answers appreciated!!

When i played WOW in TBC days, i would put on Sweeny Todd OCR to judge how fast we were doing the dungeon. If we didn't finish Deadmines by the final track we were doing badly

might get canceled for this one 


cis person: what are you?

me: an electronic musician

cis person: no, i mean what's in your pants?

me: *pulls out one of these*

call to action re: MFF and That Hate Figure 

gender joke 

‪Really looking forward to getting some pump it up in tomorrow night. Got my usb card setup and need to release some steam.‬

Gloomhaven, Expansion Spoilers, Two-Box Hero 

Is there any way to get Toot not to show photo library as moments defaulting to the beginning of time?

Back Pain (Minor) 

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Post-1998 technology denial.