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Selling this guy!! He MUST go!! Rex comes with 35 pieces of art and 2 physical badges that can be mailed to whoever buys him!! His other art can be found here:
I'm currently asking $350 for him, but I'm willing to haggle a bit!!

Student Loan Debts 

soy freakout, misogyny 

uk tv ads, hypno 

New international law (holidays, queerness, family) 


i saw this amazing anti-suffragette postcard and simply had to redraw it 🙊


broke: letting people change their name cause they get married

woke: letting people change their name because they're trans and have a real name

bespoke: letting people change their names because tbh trans or not you should just be able to change your name whenever you feel like it i literally cannot comprehend why this is a problem

look if you're gonna have a tree full of cat toys...

Ko-fi post 

Twitch link, asking for money 

Stream, Self-Promo, Going Live In 1.5 Hours 

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ice-lolly-tasted 🍦

Post-1998 technology denial.