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This started as “what about with X partner? Oh but also them?” And legit I think I’d just want to get it with everybody

Step it Up the dance game is unironically good. The fact it's based on Step it Up means there's a bunch of things you might be able to do with it, including adding in light support for arcade cab setups.

lewd shitpost 

Am I a weird person for still calling "apps" computer programs? :blobcatthinking:

(I also think the difference between "coders" and "programmers" has more to do with gatekeeping than actually being a meaningful distinction)

Why yes I am slowly working on a visual novel about gay ass polyamorous werewolves

I'm not buying Pokemon until it's on Steam. Fuck Epic games.


TMW the train comes into the station so slow you start to wonder if it’s actually a 12 car train not 8

New to mastodon, looking for people to follow, particularly around questioning of existing sexuality (straight male) (not a young adult). Any recommendations?

Anybody else suddenly triple the amount of ingrown beard hairs after starting HRT? :\

mapol, non-binary acceptance stuff (+) 

im being told my “free lucario tf potion with purchase” coupon is “not valid” and “clearly handwritten” this is bullshit #GameFreakLied

It’s also incredibly awkward being able to say i’ve played through late game content of other expansions but also having never played the endgame of Vanilla

It’s really weird playing through late game content on a game 15 years old, and seeing plot threads you know how they end along side both people who played when the game was new and those who only played the newer expansions

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Post-1998 technology denial.