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It’s only day two of classes and I already want a stiff drink.

There are def some people I really want to try and get to know, but my general social anxiety and not knowing how to start the conversation keeps me from really being able to.

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At this point, I’ve given up trying to tell my husband not to go walking outside in a thunderstorm.

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You know, now that I think of it, I think I might be the only POC I’ve seen on my federated timeline?

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I sold cookies at a bake sale and then joined a protest against my university today AMA

I think a criteria of dating me has to be being ridiculous.

Man, I am never tweeting something that can be keyword searched again.

The week before and after the con are going to be BRUTAL though, since I’m missing about 3 days of class.

So, I officially booked flights for MFF, so I guess its confirmed I’m going at this point!

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Me: I feel fat.

Also me: I’m apparently less than 10% body fat

I asked my SAS professor about datasets and the conversation turned into applying to grad school and now shes on board with helping me apply and get letters of recs.

Sometimes I’m too much of a sociologist for my own good.

I apparently have “poor” cardio health, and this concerns me

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Post-1998 technology denial.